Leveraging Video as an Account Executive to Source and Close More Deals, Faster

Featuring Alex Berg, Reva Pellerin, Renzo Traverso and Dan Wardle
Corporate Visions, Vidyard, Procore Technologies and Vidyard

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About this session

Join our amazing panel of Vidyard power users to learn:

• How to save yourself time and drive engagement through video

• Top proven places to use video in your sales cadence successfully

• How to leverage data analytics to target your follow-ups

• Benefits of social selling

Session Resources:

Click here to learn when to use video in the sales process.

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Alex Berg

Helping B2B Sales, Marketing and CS Leaders Acquire & Expand Relationships in a World of Remote Selling

Reva Pellerin

Reva has 10+ years of sales experience. After building both SME and Enterprise skill sets as an Account Executive at Vidyard, Reva shifted her focus to coaching the next generation of BDRs to deliver a frictionless experience to prospects and drive over performance in the commercial space.

Renzo Traverso

Improving the lives of everyone in construction

Dan Wardle

Dan Wardle is currently the head of sales at Vidyard, responsible for all areas of revenue including the Enterprise, SMB, Partners, and self-serve segments. In previous roles, Dan led the Business Development and Growth departments at Vidyard, as well as SMB sales at Salesforce and channel sales management at BlackBerry.