Anna Magolon-Parobek

Anna Magolon-Parobek

Anna Magolon-Parobek is the Director of GTM Enablement and CX Operations at Vidyard. Her experience as a people and process leader in Customer Experience, HR, process improvement, and organization-wide training and development over the past 15 years has been invaluable as we scale the Vidyard team.

Director, GTM Enablement and CX Operations

About this Speaker

Anna has extensive experience in managing operational initiatives (process, systems, software, training, and people) that enable and encourage optimal performance across all internal teams, as well as designing innovative learning solutions for external stakeholders. 

She excels in areas such as designing adoption and visioning services to enable clients to maximize their technology investment, including services for learning strategy roadmaps.

Anna is an avid hockey fan and spends a lot of time at the rink, cheering on her two boys.